Organizational Leadership Capacity is leadership excellence by both formal and informal leaders in all Departments, of all stakeholder groups and at all levels of an Organization. The American Public Works Association (APWA) has set out to proactively and holistically increase the leadership capacity of the Public Works Sector by offering One Leader at a Time leadership development program.

APWA has once again partnered with renowned Public Sector Advocate and Leadership Development Innovator, Ian Hill, to create this first-of-its-kind program that will equip participants with the leadership competencies and leadership tools the times require.
One Leader at a Time brings the best of the successful Leadership in Changing Times program while offering new tools and concepts to help participants move towards their leadership full potential all delivered through the highly effective Change Continuum learning model.

The next program begins in the fall of 2015 and is designed for every member of your department by offering three distinct tracks of learning for Executive Leaders, Emerging Leaders and Front Line staff. The program will generate sustained performance improvement and teach new skills for success in today's rapidly changing world. The program will include: 1) workshops via live streaming video, 2) live video interactive coaching sessions, 3) Weekly reinforcement and motivational emails, 4) A learning portal containing on-demand video archives of all sessions, all materials and a support forum for the dynamic exchange of information.

By equipping all team members (both formal or informal) at all levels of an organization with the tools and competencies of today’s effective leader, we will build the Public Works sector and help it fulfill its vital and essential role in building and maintaining the thriving community that all would want to live in!

As the needs of communities change, and the dynamics and demands of the Public Works sector increase, there must be a corresponding adjustment in how Executive Leaders in the profession operate their departments, mobilize community resources, build community capacity and interact with staff. This will ensure that they are fulfilling their roles in building strong (both figuratively and literally) sustainable thriving communities for today and into the future.

Session descriptions and learning outcomes.

The Emerging Leaders track will teach the leadership competencies needed to get the most from themselves. In addition, this track will help you be highly successful in leading others, be outstanding stewards of their resources and show you how to get things done in these ever changing times!

Session descriptions and learning outcomes

The Front line track will help you equip participants with the tools they need to fill their role as “informal leaders”, to see the valuable role that they (and the Department) play in the community and to equip them with the skills they need to fulfill that important role.

Session descriptions and learning outcomes

The program includes:

  1. 5 Live video stream workshops (one every three weeks),
  2. Live video chat support coaching sessions,
  3. Weekly reinforcement and motivational emails,
  4. A Learning portal containing on-demand video archives of all sessions, all materials and support forum for the dynamic exchange of information.
  5. The Learning Portal will be available for use after the initial 12 week program for on-going use.

Getting the Most of Your Professional Development Investment


To be effective, training and development must actually create performance improvement. Seminars, videos, Training manuals, and other passive learning process just aren't effective. We have designed a process that actually creates behavior change through an innovative 21 day blended learning model we call The Change Continuum. A proven process that supports performance improvement.

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Ian Hill

Renowned Public Sector Advocate and Leadership Development Innovator

Humanitarian, Business Leader, and Award Winning Social Innovator, these are some of the words that often used when referring to Ian Hill. Whether running a multi-million dollar business operation with over 1000 employees, to spearheading first of their kind life-changing community projects, to a unique North American-wide initiative. Ian Hill has been recognized for being a catalyst for positive change throughout North America.

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Today, Ian’s main focus is His humanitarian effort, “Let Them Be Kids”, of which he is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Let Them Be Kids is a Canadian wide volunteer non-profit organization created to build stronger communities on the grassroots level, while building playgrounds and skate parks in areas of need. Over a 130 Communities across Canada have been impacted through this effort.

He has also received acclaim for the development of innovative and first of their kind leadership development programs. Over 250 municipalities in Canada, The United States and Australia have participated in these programs over the last 3 years.

Ian has been recognized for his commitment to positive change by the National Council for Community and Justice and the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission, which both named him Humanitarian of the Year. Canadian business legend Harry Rosen presented Ian with the Adler Business leader’s award. And most recently Ian’s Let Them Be Kids program was nominated for the Prime Minister’s National Volunteer Organization of the Year award.

“Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Lou Holtz, and Tom Peters all have… inspirational messages, but none of them can reach into your soul…like Ian Hill!.”
Steve Allen, Business owner. Elected official

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